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DIFAW is a non governmental, non political, non profit organization dedicated to the upliftment of women, especially the underserved and the unsung women in our rural communities, working in the areas of Socio-Economic, Health, Leadership Development, Capacity building and specialized Vocational Education training (Rural development Initiatives).

A regional recognition and wider sustenance empowerment of the ordinary woman in Africa, doing extraordinary things, to impact her community.

DIFAW highlights women developmental activities in our rural communities for:

Enhancement of purpose in line with best practices in various vocations

Creating and sustaining a robust macro-economic growth through initiating and supporting Small Business Enterprises (SMEs) for the national development.

Conflicts resolution and peace building

Engaging and increasing access to and understanding of information and statistics related to poverty. Empowering women by putting this information and the capacity to use it in the hands of rural women and others working to reduce poverty in our local communities.

Engaging in rural awareness and educational campaign, highlighting Health issues of concern and importance to family Health. Identifying solutions compatible and sourcing and sharing resources.

Acquiring valuable experience and skills, DIFAW embarks on IT Training Programme for the Women/Youths, to boost their viability in the competitive world. Youths are also exposed to the challenges and solutions for helping their communities grow economically through work internships (Youth Internship Programme) developing new business leaders.

Identifying, engaging and training women for Political leadership.

Informing and protecting the rights of women.

Serving as a measurement for accountability of resources channelled through this NGO to SMEs through a TV programme titled “THE UNIQUE WOMAN” to be aired on television across African continent.



We fund our activities through:

1. Individual donations
2, Fundraising
3. Revenue from sales of DIFAW's Entrepreneurial products. (AGRO & ALLIED PRODUCTS)